We are opening our terrace

von | Mai 21, 2021

We are opening our terrace for you!

Yay – finally! Starting this Friday, May 21st, we will open the terrace for you. Daily from 12 o’clock (noon) and of course with the appropriate precautions. Book a table and come visit us – we can’t wait to finally welcome you in person.

And just in time for the terrace opening we are launching our summer menu – a variety of tasty bites, hot pots and hot plates, and of course some classics. You will taste our passion for Thai cuisine and culture. When it comes to Thai food in Berlin, it doesn’t get more authentic!

Speaking of authentic, have you ever tried Gai Hor? This tasty snack is made of marinated chicken wrapped in pandan leaves and then deep fried. The pandan leaves gives it a wonderful taste and aroma, and also help to keep the juices inside the chicken leaving it moist and juicy. Take a peek at our kitchen and watch us preparing these tasty bites for you.

By the way, wir sprechen auch Berlinerisch, ebenso Thai – kommt vorbei! :))